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Disrupting the codes of the world of exceptional perfumery, Eve & Daphnée is the first luxury brand that takes its roots in the charity economy. It is dedicated to creating all natural alluring fragrances while cherishing a process of "slow Creation" and poetry of handmade products. For Eve & Daphnée, creative audacity is a core value as the brand strives to foster a positive approach driven

 by strong enthusiasm.

It reinterprets the sacred vocation of  perfumes by offering a unique experience in which every skin vibrates to its own magic.


Naturally Nontoxic Perfume 



While being a natural perfume, Tentation 1 Contre Lui evokes Eve’s birth born «Contre lui » (against Him). It celebrates love and nature with an intense slightly powdery halo. 


This fragrance contains only clean ingredients that won’t harm your skin or the planet . It is cruelty free and suitable for vegan. In Europe animal testing is  forbidden by law. 

 Thanks to the organic alcohol used as a blending base and to the absence of any synthetic substance, raw materials and precious botanical essence are captivating with their comforting vibrancy.

"We intended to create something unique. Not just a scent, but an elixir (by) bringing the physical

 and metaphysical together in the right way."

A sensory experience appealing to mind heart and soul...




Eve and Daphnée are, each in their own way, symbolising the boldness of transformation.

Eve, the original woman whose name means life, has chosen with Adam to embrace their freedom in tasting the forbidden fruit - from the tree of knowledge. She chose to offer humanity a chance to bloom in dignity, consciousness and enlightenment. 

Daphnée, the celebrated nymph and Gaia's daughter was transformed into a laurel tree, where poets and winners can forever found shelter in.


Behind the symbolic name of Eve & Daphnée lies those of Adam and Appollo. It is why it  appeared as an obvious choice to evoke the brand universe : Femininity coming together with masculinity, gentleness coming together with strength.

 Femininity coming together with masculinity ,

gentleness coming together with strength


Passion and pride guides us



Eve & Daphnée is a mission lead company where we do believe that there is no luxury without authenticity, honesty, confidentiality  and care for the common good.  


From the beginning it has  been a noble enterprise by turning sustainable development’s inherent constraints into the driving force of a new creativity.


Eve & Daphnée is pride to be part of the 1.618 agency among some of the most visionary sustainable luxury brand of the planet.






We do believe that there is no luxury without authenticity, honesty, confidentiality  and care for the common good. 




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Niklas Hojlund Studio, Sylvain Renard



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